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About us

A model of professionalism for over three decades, rigour, quality, flexibility and punctuality are the labels that best define us.

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Founded in Barcelona in 1982 by a notable group of professionals in the publishing world, Editec is one of the first book packaging companies in Spain.
Our extensive experience in publishing on paper, which represents our roots and the bulk of our history, has enabled us to tackle the current digital scenario and its new supports in a very reliable fashion.

A dynamic and versatile editorial team.


We are specialists in full-service packaging: from the gestation and the development of the idea to the finished product, printed or ready to be distributed on a digital platform – and always considering the customer’s needs with regard to delivery deadlines.


Any editorial product starts with an idea that has to be defined, outlined, developed and checked. At Editec Packaging Services we receive this initial idea from the customer and work with it so that it materializes as a clearly defined product. This is the organization and planning stage.
We look for specialists, we form teams and we order work plans.


The idea is clear and we know what its technical characteristics will be. We have the basic editorial elements to construct the graphic design and set the first pages, still with sketches and dummy text, which will serve as a model for developing the project.


The generation of content begins. At Editec we write the texts or we revise the work of the authors, we correct the style of the original texts, we request and look for illustrations, we revise sketches, we arrange photographic sessions, we plan drawings and maps. We demand the most from all our collaborators: the excellence of the result depends on the good coordination of the team.


With all the original materials chosen and revised, and in accordance with the graphic project, this is the time to structure them and distribute them on the page in order for the visual elements and the content to reinforce one another. In this way, the end product, whether it is a book, a partwork or a magazine, takes shape.

Correction and going to press

Once the pages have been set, we review the result, adjust texts and correct the colour proofs and the possible spelling or typographical errors; we check the navigation of the multimedia products and we fine-tune the formal aspects and the finish, always looking for the best result, without forgetting the schedule and the printing dates agreed on with the customer.

Printing or publication

Once the product is complete, we create the high-resolution PDFs and send them to the printers or we publish them online. Checking the ozalid proofs will be our last quality control procedure.

Other versions

At Editec we also do new versions of any editorial product, whether translations, adaptations, updates or changes of format.

A rigorous process of creation.



A team of specialists for each product.



Our mission: to fulfil the customer’s expectations.


We also offer customized services to authors who wish to publish their work themselves, whether fiction or non-fiction. Send us your original and we will study the best format for its publication. We will advise you on all the technical aspects of the book (cover, illustration, layout, printing types, electronic formats…) and we will adapt to your needs.

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Self-publishing is not incompatible with quality.



Our office is in the centre of Barcelona. If you wish to contact us, fill in the form and we will reply to your request as soon as possible.


EDITEC Packaging Services
Diagonal 421, 6-2
o8oo8 Barcelona
Telf.: (0034) 931 878 599